Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Small Paint Spray Booth

So we have a lot of fans of spray paint and the like at the space, and I'm one of them. Since we had some extra wood kicking around and I pulled a radial exhaust fan out of that HVAC unit I though I'd put together a small paint booth just for that purpose.

Here's a few pictures of it.
I reused the old mounting bracket from the HVAC unit to mount it to the booth without impeding the fan blades, and also make it easier to remove and service if necessary.

Added a gangbox and switch to the side so that I could leave it plugged in somewhere and not have the motor running constantly.

Shot of the front. It's basically a box with one side missing, not too terribly complicated.
The air filter is set at an angle in the back so that the air flow is pulled down and back. 

Air regulator I picked up from the local Grainger; it also has a moisture trap built into the bottom. 

I added a skylight - a glass pane someone pulled from a scanner bed was laying about and one of my friends said that the booth could use more light. 

Mounted the regulator on the side, for easy use. Sorry for blurry picture. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!


  1. Is the regulator for an air hookup?

    Neat build either way. Definitely looking to make something like this for some of my more aromatic projects.

  2. or rather, what is the air hookup for? The powder coating gun?

    1. Yes the air hookup was for the powder coating gun, but in the future I will be using it for any other air powered painting/coating tools I'll be using in that booth.

      My only suggestion for anyone else who wants to build something like this is to grab an activated charcoal filter for fumes; as a current setup it works fantastically for dust and powder, but aerosol fumes are still going straight through the filter.

      Thanks for reading!